• Tribute to Mae Mercer by her son Randy

  • To my extended family and friends .

    September 1st was a sad and heart wrenching day for our family.
    Our darling mother Naomi Mae Mercer passed peacefully away in hospital at Fort McMurray Alberta.
    She had been under the constant care of doctors since January.
    It’s so tragic to loose your mother,it leaves you with a void that’s
    inpossiable to fill.My wife said at sixty one years old you feel like an orphan’ she’s so right.
    We sometimes take our mother’s love and affection for granted,
    not realizing that someday she won’t be there’ well someday comes sooner then you think.
    A mothers love helps define who you are and in some ways even
    what you are.
    Mothers have an unconditional love for her children wheather the child is six or sixty one , and the bond between them can’t be broken or deminished and only grows stronger with time.
    As a child mothers nourish love and protect you . but I found as I grew older the roles have been reversed and i just want to love cherish and protect my mom even more then she did me.
    My darling mother and father had the ability to guide me in the direction they felt was best for me by saying the same thing in two different ways that would result in the same out come.

    My father would say don’t forget your prayers.
    My mother would teach me what prayers to say.

    My father would say fight for what you believe in.
    My darling mother would say’ is what you believe in worth fighting for.

    My father would say work hard and be a man.
    My mother would say do the best you can and always remember to be a gentle and loving father.

    My mom was a tiny woman who would fight the devil himself through the flames of hell to protect her children, and them invite him in to bandage his wounds.
    She was the strongest yet the most gentle and caring person I have ever known.
    My brothers, sisters and I have always been very proud of our mother and were never afraid nor ashamed to show our love and affection for her.
    Rest in peace my precious angle.

    My mother like your mother is the best in the world.
    Don’t forget to let her know the next time you see her