• Naomi Mae Mercer

  • A heart-felt thank you from our family to yours.

    September 1st was a sad and tragic day for our family
    with the passing our beloved mother Naomi Mae Mercer.

    To those of you who provided food and drink at the funeral home
    thank you for helping fill our empty bellies, your kind words of condolence helped mend our broken hearts and heal our empty souls.
    My mother was blessed to have been surrounded by those who loved her.
    When you are grief stricken it’s hard to recall the faces of all those who placed a gentle hand on your shoulder or whispered a kind and comforting word in my ear, Please know I felt each and every gentle touch and heard your kind words of compassion
    and condolence, we appreciate your presence as well as your prayers.
    We’d like to thank ‘Our Mother’s’ brothers and sisters Cyril , Gloria ,Cynthia and Ross and their extended famlies
    for being there for our family. Thank you for the family wreath it was beautiful , and a special thank you to Gloria and Ted who flew home to be here for our mother and her children.
    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our beloved father’s family for being there for us , your kind words of sympathy and understanding made our grief a little easier to bare.
    A very special ” thank you” to Yvonne’s family who sent flowers , provided meals and opened their hearts and homes to our family.
    Your kind and generous offerings were appreciated more then words alone can say.
    Our heart-felt thanks to Ivy and the staff at Whitbourne Foodland.
    Your gift of food was appreciated and the thought behind it was as comforting as the food itself.
    To my dear friends the Sheppard family and their extended family , thank you for the beauitful flowers , we appreciate and treasure your friendship and your kind words of inspiration.
    I can’t say enough to show our sincere grattiude to Rev. Nancy of the Whitbourne Anglican Church who sat with myself and Yvonne for over an hour talking about our mother , also to Rev. Linda Cumby of the Anglican Church in Greens Harbour . Due to a motor vehicle accident Rev. Nancy had to cancel her participation in the service but made arrangments on behalf of our family to have Rev.Linda Cumby fill in for her. Rev. Cumby was a blessing to our family. In our time of sorrow and grief her kind and comforting
    words proved to be a source of compassion and empathy .
    I only had a few minutes to speak with Rev. Cumby about our mother and she like Rev. Nancy was genuinely interested in knowing what kind of person our mother was. I told her of the love and compassion we had for our mother and of how proud we were of her. I also told her of how proud she was of her children grand children and great grand children. I guess it was obvious to her from the way I talked our mother was loved and admired .
    Rev. Nancy and Rev. Cumby invited us into their house of worship and accepted us as a grieving family and shared in our sadness and sorrow , we were strangers but they took us in and made us part of their family, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
    God bless you.
    Thank you to Harriet Rees and the Anglican Church Choir for your beauitful rendition of two of my mothers most beloved hymns.
    Also thank you to Hollaway’s Funeral home for carrying out my mother’s funeral arrangment with such diginity and grace .
    A sincere and heartfelt thank you to the ACW who did an amazing job of providing such a wonderful lunch for our family and friends .Thank you for welcoming us into your Social Center, your generosity and friendship is greatly appreciated. Thank you for understanding that when a bunch of us Mercers get togeather it’s always noisy.My darling mother would laugh and say that we had more tongue then Kellogs got cornflakes.
    God bless you and your Social Center .
    A special thanks to Yvonne’s family for providing supper for our family the evening of the funeral. I think our family members who flew back were all over weight just from consuming all that food.
    Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to bring along such wonderful meals. To those of you who called or sent messages of condolence or showed up at the funeral home to show your respect we will always remember you and remain forever grateful for your kindness.
    My thanks and gratitude to my dear friend and fellow musician Ryan Tiller for accompanying me and my brother Terry with his wonderful musical talent in the songs we performed for our mother.
    From the very depths of my heart and soul and with every ounce of love and compassion I have I thank my brothers and sisters
    Thank you Todd and Doug for your beautiful tribute to our darling mother ,you left me speachless ‘ and that’s hard to do”.
    God bless my brother Terry who was petrified but detirmned to sing the song “The hand that rocks the cradle” you did an amazing job. Mom would have been so proud ‘ I know we are’.
    My dear brother Keith did a loving and compassionate tribute to our mother at a intimate family service in Fort McMurray with my mother’s close personal friends and family in attendance .
    Although I wasn’t there I know he spoke from the heart of the great love and admiration we had for our darling mother.I have the greatest love . respect and apprication for my family.
    You,ve all been there for our mother over the many years .You insured she was safe happy and as healthy as possible, I know she was always the priority in your lives , but most of all you let her know she was loved and cherished and you stayed by her bedside til the very end .
    I know our Father our Brother and our Darling little Sister will be there to welcome our mother home.

    With the greatest love and appreciation from our family to yours

    Thank you and God Bless you all.

    Randy Doug Terry Keith Michelle Vicky
    Yvonne Ann Bev Ann Louise Tim Terry